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Monday, September 3, 2012

Eek-onomics Today - Or - Eeking Out A Living In Today`s Eekonomy

                               The Fickled Finger Of Financial Fate?

                                    Entrepreneur Or Onto Manure?
     There`s no short-term solution to either economic crises or prosperity`s largesse.  I read a spot-on book titled "Aftershock" (not the one by Robert Reich) that says the worst has yet to come with hyperinflation/depression.  It doesn`t blame or even point fingers at politics, prophecy, or conspiricies but makes references to it and the two remaining segments of the middle class: upper and mid, and more on bubble cycles.  The haves vs. have nots.  Ever notice big corporations are merging (to keep skysuites even if losing more tax write-offs, you never hear this from attention diverting media!)?

                    People Helping People Or People Scalping People?

     Chances are, now that the financial system has had numerous scandals exposed creating distrust, financial manipulation, money games, Ponzi schemes, Wall Street markets, vaporized securities, entrepreneurs who made off with any market; the only thing that trickled down in this eek-onomy is add-on smoke and mirrors, pass-along costs, price gouging of the end consumer.  Everybody won but the job holding working class consumer behind business as usual "Just the cost of doing business!"  This parallels the parable of the unforgiving servant ( read Matthew 18:21 ).  This parable about forgiveness is about sins - using debt forgiveness to illustrate an example. 

In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself Or In Business By Yourself Not For Yourself?  Where They`re Biting Now?                        

Where they`re biting now!  Hotel conference center seminars pioneered by popular young and budding affiliate marketing experts whose success now markets affiliate marketing training via internet, TV infomercials, as well as the seminars crowded with grey-to-white haired senior citizens and baby boomers, concerned about retirement, looking at the "saturated" affilate marketing business - (the new scammees)!  Seems in this technology age that more of this happens due to being obsolete.  On the other hand, the above demographic provides the targeted market to "me too" affiliate marketers capitalizing on their expertise to prey on underskilled-in-technology, desperate, retirement-age Americans.  One good thing about this as far as looking back at the good old days goes; networking or multi-level marketing is vindicated!  For boomers and seniors who are behind the affiliate marketing curve, whether you experienced MLM or not and need another stream of income, you have to go with what you know and do it with "rugged entrpreneurialism"! 

                Find A Need And Fill It Or Find A Nincompoop And Fleece It?

     The baby boomer generation is still mostly pre-retirement and it`s sad that as they approach retirement age, having paid the bulk of all funds ever paid into social security, it might not be around, like their vaporized portfolios.  Michael Dukakis, in one of his speeches warned that if someday it should get bad enough we could all be flipping each other`s burgers.  He was right and it cost him!  Retirement wasn`t meant to be spent reliving our soda fountain college money jobs!  But we still need to eat.  If we still need to work then we gotta tie it all together.  Life`s parabola is like a rollercoaster, slow climb up to reach the peak and then it`s downhill fast!  The older you get the harder it gets to do all over, and worse, at 3rd world wages.

                                             Intuition Or Into Wishin`?

Retirement Requirement - What To Invest In Right Now Besides 100 Watt Bulbs (2012) 75 In `13, 50 In `14 - The Coming Weather-Tweaked Crop And Food Shortage.

     Invest in major living expenses i.e. food, other essentials, catching up by getting started with back to basics or "bring your bod up to snuff"!  Time flies so start this A.S.A.P. before inflation"hypers" and/or income drops or disappears!  Read up and rev up your health-is-wealth cycle.  Then join the health and entrepreneurial revolution and save our American people (See blog FYI - For Your Inflammation - Health and Wealth).

                                                Turn - Key Or Turkey?

                             Hoarding, Stockpiling, Or Stocking Inventory?

     Start this now.  It`s not hoarding investing in food, stockpiling is a better word in that you`re building your "unlimited" fair share whereas hoarding is taking more than your fair share.  Stockpiling begets criticism as well but when you invest in food inventories you`ll kill 2 birds with one stone as your stockpile is more than a personal supply investment, it`s a business inventory!  Better still, a business online beats fighting in line over the last item on the shelf, as likely will happen.  This is where that once poo-pooed business model, (the pre-internet) MLM or network marketing industry is finally vindicated.  Better still, with internet, your nutritional food/supplement business provides a replicated website to send customers and potential associates to order from, saving storing an inventory of more than you would use over time, remembering to rotate stock, keeping in mind the happy inventory balance of never running out of product due to supply shortages while always an inventory which if the "authorities" come along to take what they believe you`re hoarding (as in a scene from one of those "left behind" videos), remember it`s inventory!  So, put a little each month in your rainy day reserve pantry.  What if MLM scoffers to this day poo-poo network marketing?  Cases for MLM prove it`s the last caboose!  Don`t be the last one in!  Make sure you`re "flipping more burgers" than you`re getting flipped! (a pun to ponder).  This is the economy that Mike Dukakis` burger flipping case is tweaked as the entrepreneurial age nutritional food supplement internet-work-marketed lifeboat.  Start a following.   



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FYI - For Your Inflammation - Health & Wealth

     The health/wealth cycle, is health wealth?  More so than ever!  "We spend our health creating wealth only to buy back our health".  There`s more to the cycle of health and wealth - there`s energy and replenishment - health> energy> wealth> replenishment - (each with subcategories).  Subcategories can be both assets & liabilities in any part of the cycle.  Everybody has different balances of strengths & weaknesses/issues in the subcategories.  Think of each complete cycle as a stairstep building on the previous one (somewhere another subcategory is added/deleted).  
     The older we get the harder it is to do over again, thus we need to hang on to our natural resources.  Time is money.  Make time last longer by the health that manages energy.  What`s robbing you of energy?  Lack of energy: chronic fatigue syndrome, candida yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses, other parasites, diabetes, hypoglycemia, lyme disease, low thyroid, or nutritional shortages such as magnesium, Co-Q10, or iodine to name a few.  We can only be as healthy as our money can buy thanks to the wealth the economy allows to replenish our energy.
     Ideally, health is simply the ability to manage energy to be as productive & creative as it takes to create & produce wealth, a part of which is re-invested to the next health cycle.  Energy is fuel of various types and sources such as adrenaline and metabolism as well as nutrition to motivate (move, for short) to conquer tasks to arrive at wealth which replenishes maintenance of health.  To your total well-being, Frank Biddle   

Links, links, links!

      As promised, here`s the blog of links for your perusal.  First,  Next,  Only two?  You`ll be surprised to see the many links each site has to offer.  Each is unique in its own way but, as for their links, I bet for each of these sites you visit, you can`t click just one!  Don`t worry.  If and when I find more of these sites, I`ll update this post.  To your total well-being, Frank Biddle